1. #skrrrrrrt #harlemworld

  2. It was just like yesterday when I gave her the penis she stroke my ego when she called me a musical genius, what you give me credit for baby I ain’t shit, 270 for a pound? Baby that ain’t piff Biggavelli the type a nigga to skeet off the the tool raid the cabinets and the fridge and leave you for a fool…. #whyyoudothat

  6. And I say fuck all the rules rather fuck ya baby mamma and I say bring all ya tools cause I’m ready for that drama and I know I’m a young gunner and I ain’t worried bout karma I’m just livin my life and Ima get me some money #whatshappenin

  10. "Niggas on the inside wishin for the outside, peanutbutta inside candy red outside,hit you wit the 9 now ya inside outside, pull up in that fall guy an leave ya bitch mouth wide…. #FREEGUWOP

  11. #pulledupintheWTF

  12. #prayinforabrick

  13. #3M #Activated #illuminated

  14. These my skreets

  15. Dem a walk bout an dem a run up dem mout